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Chest Freezers Chillers

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ATICO Medical Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturer, supplier and Exporter of Chest Freezers, Chillers

The Microprocessor Controllers of Chest freezer, chillers refrigerators 
Multi-Position key switch on, off and set temperature with membrane keyboard control panel is a standard of Chest Freezer, Chillers Refrigerators. 
Visual and audible Alarm System such as Low-Battery alarm, Condenser temp alarm, power failure alarm High-low temperature alarm is also available in the v
Digital display set and present temperature
Standard Dry contacts
Convenient current voltage Checking System
Refrigeration System is a Single stage cooling system for -45°C 
Cascade stage cooling system for -86°C
Hermetically sealed cooling system in Chest freezer, chillers refrigerators 
Cold air is protected by the insulated Inner plastic doors, Efficient evaporator with maximum contact to chamber watts for fast cooling down in the Chest freezer, chillers refrigerators 
The Chest freezer, chillers refrigerators 

Thickness has 50- 130 mm, high density polyurethane foamed insulation, we also have CFC Free refrigerants.
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  • Item Code: AM-10305

Ice Maker

ATICO Medical Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturer, supplier and Exporter of Ice Maker

Ice Makers are design with perfection to meet toughest condition of application an are built with temper sefty glass door.

• High Quality Flake Ice Maker
• Built-in Membrane Water Filter
• Twin Screw Shaft Mechanism
• Full Automatic Operation System
• Compact, Durable Plastic Cabinet
• Anti-Corrosion
• Maintenance free
• -30°C Flake Ice Long Time Storage
• Polyurethane Insulation Storage Bin Insulation Storage Bin.

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  • Item Code: AM-10307
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